Friday, November 14, 2008

Take a tour with me

I love our town. Actually, it's a city. And according to recent reports, it's the fastest growing city of it's size in the United States. But I call it a town, because it has that type of feel. It's actually a suburb, so I feel we have the best of both's quaint and friendly and feels like a smaller town, but it has everything you'd want located right here. I really love the old, historical areas best.

Our city happens to be the county seat. Because of this, there is a historic downtown and courthouse square. Texas is known for having beautiful historical courthouses. While ours is pretty, it's definitely not the most elaborate. But "the square" is wonderful even so! We live a short 5 minutes from the square. It's peppered with adorable little cafes, antique shops, galleries and more. I really enjoy it and spend quite a bit of time down there...sometimes to shop, browse, people watch or have a glass of wine at my favorite winery.

Lining the streets surrounding the square are beautiful old homes of several different styles: Victorian, Frank Lloyd Wright, farmhouse, craftsman, cottage. They are all stunning in their own way. Most are private residences. A few are B&Bs.

Come visit with me!

Here is our courthouse. It's very sweet. It's been recently restored and now serves as the performing arts center.

The courthouse has seen several renovations over the years since it was built in 1874.

Here it is in 1908.

Another look in 1927.

In 1939.

Notice the cars parked outside from each picture? Cool!

If you were to take a stroll, here is some of what you'd see.

My favorite shop. It's a little pet boutique called Reigning Cats and Dogs. How cute is that?! The lady who owns the shop is very sweet and is a fellow animal rescuer. She usually has at least one of her 3 dogs up there with her, along with a cat or two. She sells everything from fancy collars to beds, treats, toys and more. I love her store. It's a fun place to visit.

This place used to be an antique mall. It went out of business, and half of it now is a coffee shop/Mediterranean restaurant and the other half is a children's clothing store. I haven't eaten dinner there, but we've had coffee/tea, and it's really good.

My favorite winery.

Even Cissy had fun at the winery. Some folks at the next table gave her pieces of cheese from their wine and cheese tray. She also got lots of lovin's from everyone.

Here's a sweet old-fashioned family-run pharmacy that has been around for well over 100 years. We didn't realize until we were down there a couple of weeks ago that they have been hit with hard times due to the economy. It's a shame. I saw on the news recently that the owners are hoping an investor will come in and save this piece of history.

I love our "town."


Gwen said...

Thanks for your tour of your town. Looks like a quaint little place to live. It kind of reminds me of this town, but this town is much more small scale and nowhere near a metro area like you are.

That's sad about the drug store. I like shopping local and helping out the small businesses rather than the big corporations, don't you? I hope they can keep the business going.

ka1t_lyn said...

Your town looks amazing, I can only hope to live in an area like that at some point in my life! That is so sad about the drug store I really do hope something comes along! Thanks for the tour :)

Mrs. Forever said...

Oh wow!! That's where I grew up! I went from elementary through high school there! I grew up in and got married at the Methodist church right of the square. I bought my wedding dress at the bridal shop that used to be downtown (it has since gone out of business). My sister got married at the same church and had her reception at a restaurant called The Opera House - now gone and replaced by Rick's Chophouse. Sharla's (the first pic after the courthouse) is where I still buy most of my makeup. Sharla Bush is wonderful! It is such a fantastic place to live and raise a family!! My mom still lives there and a few years ago my sister and her husband and kids moved to town. If the commute weren't so bad I have no doubt Casey and I would live there too!!

Wow - sorry for the really long post. I was really excited seeing my hometown in photos on someone else's blog!!

Carrie said...

I love your town it reminds me of my town! Cute! Love your dog.

Joanna said...

Thanks for sharing! I love down towns. You will find so much character and oh the stories those sidewalks could tell!

AJ said...

I loved the tour of your town:) My hometown has a square with a beautiful courthouse as well. Unfortunately it is a very small town and the economy has hurt most of the businesses. It's depressing to drive around the square and see so many businesses closed. Just recently Doug Wilson of TLC's Trading Spaces reopened a local bar/restaurant and I am soooo hoping this will help bring in more revenue. I'm going home for Thanksgiving so I can wait to meet him:):)
Thanks for your kinds words the other day. I know times are tough for you too. You are right, this too shall pass. I hope you don't cancel Christmas altogether. You have to find some sort of joy during this season. I just have to keep reminding myself that "Jesus is the reason for the season." Hang in there and we might have to share a virtual lemony drink together;)

Lindsey said...

I love your town too! It's so beautiful!!!=)

Highland MOPS said...

How fun! Abilene isn't that quaint! :lol

Highland MOPS said...

CRUD that was leah. Sorry.

Ally0005 said...

Your town is so cute. We have a town square about 30 minutes from us where I work.
I used to live in Garland TX when I was little and hope to go back and see the house we lived in one day.

Kirstie says..... said...

A beautiful town. Thanks for sharing!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

What a great look into the place where you call home. It seems so historic. As much as I loved peeking at all of the shops and such...I couldn't help but get over the gorgeous weather! Are those pictures current?? Man if they are! We are under a Lake Effect Snow Advisory until 7pm! It's around midnight now. I'm moving to Texas!

Sunny said...

This post makes me breathe a sigh. Like the kind that you do when you settle down in a warm bath. That sigh that says no matter the way the world has gone, there are still things right in it. I love towns. I love historic areas. Bygone times are a point of serenity for me. Nothing like a good antique store or stroll through a historic district. Cute town. Love it. ;) Oh, and I hope that the pharmacy stays in business!!!!!!!!

Megan said...

What a beautiful town! I loved seeing the pics of the court house through the years. So neat!

Johann The Dog said...

Great tour! Mum used to live in Dallas in Lower Greenville. She loved it there. But came back 'home' She used to work with Texas Special Olympics in Dallas are and worked with lots of people from McKinney. Great little town :)

Shannon said...

Your town sounds exactly like ours. I love it. Your sqaure is so cute! I loved the old photos with the cars out front!

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

I love your town! The old buildings, the character~ I'm jealous! (In a friendly way, of course!) I hope someone is able to help the drugstore owners!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! :)

Sunny said...

Just had a quick thought...wouldn't it be cute to print out those pics of the courthouse in each of it "stages" and make an photo wall arrangement thingy? That'd be neat.

p.s. linking you on my blog ;)

Baby Mama said...

OOh i love your new shoes! All very cute!
And what an adorable little town you live in. I love old buildings like that. We have nothing like that where I live.
And how neat to see the cars in the old pictures of the courthouse! very cool!

thotlady said...

Your town looks wonderful. I love the old drug stores.

Your dog is the sweetest thing. I love her markings.