Saturday, November 22, 2008

See Spot. See Spot and Zach.

Last night I did another rescue transport. Let me introduce the two dogs I drove from DFW to Ardmore, OK. The final destination is Minnesota, to a great rescue up there.

This is Spot. He's a pit bull (possibly a mix, but I don't think so). And, once again, VERY sweet, probably one of the sweetest dogs I've come across. And beautiful, too. He was white with a small brown spot over his right eye, much like the dog from The Little Rascals.

A lot of times, with certain breeds (boxers, bully breeds, etc.), if they are white in color, they have a higher tendency to be deaf. Such is the case with Spot. Though I think he could somewhat hear when I clapped my hands really loudly. But he is smart as a whip and knows some hand signals. He was very good on the ride, and in fact, could be heard snoring contently along the way.

Spot came from a local animal control facility. I'm not sure how he ended up there (stray, owner turn-in, etc.), but he really beat the odds. One, he's a pitty, and a lot of shelters will not adopt out pitties, regardless of their personality, history or behavior. They automatically have an X on them based on their breed, which is very unfair. As I've said before, every pitty I've come across during the many years I've done animal rescue has been nothing but sweet and well-behaved. Spot is no exception. The workers at animal control loved him so much, they kept "saving" him from euthanasia, hoping he would be adopted or rescued. He'd been there for over 2 months, which is VERY rare (most municipal shelters only give animals 3-5 days, and if they aren't adopted or rescued, they are euthanized). Now he has a chance for a good life! :)

Now meet Zach. Poor Zach was pulled from a very abusive home (notice the cast on his broken leg). He's a German shepherd mix. Very sweet and playful, though we had to try to keep him settled down so that he wouldn't hurt his leg. He did try to get fresh with my leg a couple of times. ;) I just don't understand how people can hurt animals (or anyone for that matter, but especially those who can't stand up for themselves, such as animals, children, the elderly and the disabled). I think animals are little furry gifts from God. And I believe there has to be a special ring in hell for people who abuse others.

The shelter Zach came from is not rescue friendly. However, a worker at the shelter went against policy to make sure he was not euthanized and was able to go to a rescue. She was almost fired for doing so (can you believe that?!). He's a lucky boy.

I got an email from the lady who was overnighting the dogs in Oklahoma City last night, and she said they both were doing well and were settled in. Tonight they are being overnighted in Des Moines, Iowa, and will reach Minneapolis around 2:30pm tomorrow.

Both dogs are already listed on the rescue's website with a full bio!

Spot's bio and pictures

Zach's bio and pictures

I wish I could have brought them both home with me. But then I always do. ;)


Lisa said...

Oh Spot is so adorable...I miss our pitty so much and you are right they are wonderful, sweet, intelligent and loyal dogs. Their label is so unfair. If I hadn't just adopted 2 pups I would grab him up! He's beautiful. :)

It is so sad to hear about abused animals but I'm glad to know that this one has been rescued from that life and on to a new home.

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

I love pit bulls. I've always wanted one. They really do get such a bad rap when 100% of the time it is a bad owner who has mishandeled them or is not properly leading them, exercising them and giving them good instruction. I so agree with Cesear Milan, "there are no bad breeds". When we were looking at adopting a dog, I looked into a deaf rescue organization. I would love to be a dog-mom to a fur-friend who had a disability. I'd take Spot in a heartbeat if our bylaws didn't restrict us to two dogs. Thanks for sharing the stories of your rescues/transports. I'm so glad to know that these babies have been taken off death row.

Pleasant Drive said...

Yep, we have 2 pits and they are both the most lovable creatures! I couldn't do your job, because I'd take every single one of them home.

ka1t_lyn said...

Pit bulls are amazing dogs, and most of them are nice. However, they CAN turn suddenly-- I know, my pitbull bit a 3 year old and had to be put down. I'm so glad you save puppies though :)

Our Complete Family said...

What a nice thing you did to help these cute pups out. I love your thought on them being furry gifts from God. Oh that is so cute!
~ Les

Sunny said...

Being a mama to 3 pups myself, I am a dog lover! I would bring home every dog that I found, pregnant and all (yes this has happened) and keep them if I could. I don't have a farm or a zoo but it could end up that way. I have such an attachment issue that I can't bring home any dogs for a period of time, not to mention my 3 dachshunds by breed personality wouldn't be too happy with me, but my heart goes out to those little guys. I've thought a lot of when my kiddos go...what will I do? I think that all the pets on "death row" need homes so I will probably search there. Good for you for being so kind-hearted to others (and yes others include animals.) have a super day! I hope this blog will reach someone who can take these babies.

Candy said...

I just love Spot. His photo at the bottom of his bio is just adorable.

I hope they find homes.


AJ said...

You are such a kind, sweet, and giving person:) You go girl♥

MeganSloan said...

I love Spot. He looks so sweet (so does the other, but I have a soft spot for Bullies). I hope some day their label as mean dogs gets put on something else (I'd much rather own a Pitt than another lab or even a terrier). It's so nice to hear that you help these poor pups. And I totally agree about there needing to be a special ring in Hell for animal (and child) abusers to go and receive their abuse.

Lori E. said...

I just have to tell you way to go and and I admire you for going to such great lengths to help these dogs. Anyone who cares for and loves animals has a heart of gold in my book. I believe the kindness will come back to you.