Thursday, May 10, 2012

Childrens art and Etsy

There's something pure and inspirational about children's art. While it might consist of simple doodles and drawings, there's such whimsy in it. I love when children are encouraged to be artistic, don't you? More art, less video games please!

Since I don't have children myself, I found a great little Etsy store. The woman who set it up has a daughter who is a buddy artist. Not only that, she is an avid animal lover. Win-win! You send her pictures of your pets, and her daughter will create pet portraits from them. Check out GioPetStudio and support this little artist!

Here's the portrait she made for me. Cute, no?

Blogs with no pics = zero fun

Hi! I've been a busy little bee working around the house - on my master bath, in the yard, some crafty stuff - but I can't get picks to upload. Blogger is frustrating that way. Blogs with no pictures is zero fun and inspirational. I'll be back soon and hope to share some fun things, as well as ask for everyone's opinions on other things.