Friday, February 13, 2009

Lost....Spoilers. Questions. Answers?

I'm a few days late regarding Lost, but I've been out of town this week (did LOTS of artsy crafty stuff...will share soon!). Who watches Lost? This is my one must-see tv show. I loved Wednesday's episode! But I have been pondering some things...maybe someone can help me out here. :)

Remember in an earlier season where Desmond turns the fail safe key? The sky lit up, and we heard that strange high-pitched sound. A thought just occurred to me...when Desmond has his "dreams" where he can see into the future, is he really moving through time, since he did something to cause the purple sky/high-pitched noise?

And, for that matter, in an earlier season (maybe it was 1 or 2), there was a scene were the losties were on the beach and saw the purple sky and heard the high-pitched noise. The door from the hatch went flying and landed on the beach. Did they move through time then as well, but just didn't know it?

When the people are moving through time, do the people who aren't moving through time wonder what the heck happened to them? Or is all of that gone from their memory once the losties have moved to another time?

When the main island moved, did the second, little island move with it?

And does the island actually move (since it seemed to disappear when the losties were in the helicopter) or do the people on the island move, but the island stays where it is? Because it appears the people are moving when the purple sky/high-pitched noise appears.

Are all of the losties being brought back to the island because of some other connection? Are they descendants of the original Dharma folks/Others (Jack's/Claire's father is somehow important for the island, Charlotte's parents were in Dharma, Daniel's mother is involved, etc.)? If so, is that why the island wants them there? Why?

Is that why there seems to be connections between the losties from their life off-island before the crash?

Why did we see the flight attendant (who ended up being in the tail section) in the Others' camp, looking like she was one of them instead of being held by them?

Does the entering of the numbers and pushing the button (in the hatch) somehow keep the island from moving through time? Because the one time they didn't push the button, everything went haywire (and isn't that how the plane came down anyway? Because we saw in an episode where Desmond was looking at the print outs and saw where the one time he didn't do it, it was the date the plane crashed).

And what's the deal with the foot statue? That never came back into play.

Who were Adam and Eve (from the cave)? Will we ever find out?

What was the point of the "movies" that the Others were showing to people Clockwork Orange-style, like Alex's boyfriend Carl? The movies were psychodelic and said "Jacob will love you as I do (or something like that).

Will we find out what terrible thing happens because Aaron is being "raised by another" (Kate)?

I have more. But this will do for now. ;)

Please, help a girl out! :)


Mindee said...

You're giving me a strong urge to go get the past seasons and watch all the episodes again.

Frankly, I think the writers hope that most people are like me and can barely remember from one episode to the next. :) Although the polar bear bothers me greatly.

Sandy Toes said...

Go to
Great re-cap of Lost this week :)!
-sandy toe

AJ said...

Wish I could help you out but I don't watch Lost. I wanted to when it first came on but just didn't have the time to get into another show. I'm thinking I'm missing out-especially on Matthew Fox! MEOW:)

Ally0005 said...

I'm no help I don't watch it.
It does look interesting.

Joanna said...

I watch it and love it! Can't miss an episode!!! I have even been watching season one again on Sci Fi. Anywho...I have those same questions. I think that entering the numbers pushing that button did stop the time thing from happening. They do remember them being there...The other people to the losties...Because Wednesday when Jin was going through time and was with Danielle...then left when they were at the monsters layer....then come back and she was on the beach shooting those people because they were sick...He tried to stop her or get her attention and she said something like "you did this". And she was gonna shoot him but time went again.

I hope that they clear up lots of answers...Next season is the last. : (

Shannon said...

Good questions! I have no clue about any of them! Ha! :) I love Lost too. It is getting really good.

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

I sooo don't understand this show. Maybe if I'd watched from the beginning I would understand...but alas, I'm sooo confused by the whole show!

Carrie said...

I love it we have been watching past seasons on Sci fi I can't really answer any question because I have so many myself!

Liz said...

ME! I watch Lost! I'm so glad to find someone else with as many stinking questions as me! But I'm glad that on this last episode they gave us some more clues about the Smoke Monster and Danielle's past on the island. What was the 'sickness' all about with the men she shot? I remember she referenced it way back in the first season.