Monday, January 14, 2013

It's the little things: knobs

Sometimes you need a pop of color or just a little refresher for a room, a piece of furniture or your wardrobe. And it can be done easily and without breaking the bank.

I have this gorgeous antique chifferobe that I bought in college. It actually wasn't even for sale, but was a display piece at an antique store. I convinced the owner to sell it to me since it was such a cool piece. For years I used it in the living room as an entertainment center, which worked out well. The TV fit on top of the drawers. The drawers held CDs, DVD, etc. The "door" portion held the VCR, DVD player and stereo. It has since retired to the guest room and houses extra quilts and afghans.

This poor thing has seen better days though, as it's been moved around from house to house and room to room and has become a little wobbly. Drawer bottoms need regluing, joists need fixing. But it's a great piece, and I love it.

So in the interest of sprucing it up, I decided to give it some new knobs. The current knobs are plain wooden ones - simple, effective, but boring.

I checked out Hobby Lobby's selection since they were 50% off and found these cute ceramic knobs with a fun patina look.

After a couple of minutes of switching them out, this is what we now have.

Much more interesting I think. And it adds a small touch of color and interest.

Have you done anything recently to spruce up an old piece?

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Gwen said...

How did I miss that you are blogging again? Yay!

I love the new knobs... makes it even more special!