Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thrifty Thursday and an award

I must show you my latest thrift store goodies!

I love dishes, especially old ones...Fiesta, Pyrex, anything pretty or eye-catching. This may seem strange to you since the kitchen is not my friend. I think maybe in my mind, neat old dishes make me think of a cozy home.

So when I saw these cuties on Shannon's blog, I knew I had to get my greedy little paws on them.

Actually, truth be told, I already had one of these. I can't remember if my mother bought it for me, or if I bought it. I never knew what its intended use was supposed to be. So for years, I had it on one of my antique vanities and used it to hold jewelry. Then when we bought this house, I put it in our bathroom on the countertop and used it to hold jewelry. I could never figure out what the little "depression" was for, but as it turns out, my ring holder fit in it perfectly.

Then quite a while back, after we redid our guest bathroom, I put it in there and used it as a tray to hold bath salts, a diffuser and a candle.

It has this really cool swirly circular pattern.

One day I saw Shannon's blog post about her dishes and a light bulb went off. So that's what this thing is!

I've never noticed them while out browsing the thrift and antique stores. Maybe I just never paid attention because I was always looking for more Fiesta.

Then yesterday I saw these.

I bought every single one they had. The price? $2.99 each. I think that's a pretty good deal. Hubs asked what I'm going to do with all of them. I told him I'd use them for the next time we have a smart dinner party. ha!!

When I was standing in line checking out, I noticed a display shelf that had TWELVE (12) boxes of four sets each of the pattern that has the grapes.

That's 48 sets y'all!! I wonder where the heck all of those came from. They were priced $12.99 each box (set of 4). I didn't buy any because grapes really aren't my thing. But if I change my mind and want a couple, I am sure they will still be there because there are TWELVE boxes! Holy moly!

Today I found another cheese dome lid. It's much deeper than my others.

Perfectly sized for one of my ceramic pumpkins.

I had the pumpkin on a bookshelf, but with the dome, it's a little too much. Maybe I'll put her on the foyer table.


I received an award from Jenni! Wasn't that sweet?

The blog award rules:
1. List 6 things about yourself and
2. Pass this award on to 6 other bloggers (my favorite part of this!)

Six things about myself:

1. I'm a vegetarian. A strict one. That means no, I don't eat chicken. No, I don't eat fish. I don't eat any animals period. (I've always wondered why when I say I'm a vegetarian, people always ask if I eat chicken and fish.)

2. I'm a HUGE animal lover. Huge. I volunteer with animal rescue, bring home strays, have three rescue dogs of my own. I'd have more if I knew Hubs wouldn't divorce me. ;) Hubs says when I'm old I'll be the crazy lady on the block with all of the animals. I'm afraid to admit that I think I'm already that person.

3. I was editor of my high school yearbook. That lead me to study journalism, more specifically advertising.

4. I also minored in criminal justice. I'd *love* to work in forensic science, or be an agent for the ATF or DEA and bust down some doors so I can lock up the bad guys. Advertising seemed like the safer choice.

5. I'm a shorty! I stand only 5 ft. tall.

6. I love the beach. I think the stork dropped me off with the wrong family, because my folks are not beach people. We never went when I was a child. So now I go every chance I get.

So now I give this award to:

1. Brandi
2. Candy
3. Carrie
4. Gwen
5. Aimee
6. AJ

In each of their own ways, these ladies have inspired me, made me think more deeply or just have been a pleasure to get to know.

Have a great evening y'all!



. said...

You are too sweet, thank you! I feel so special to receive this! I really look forward to getting to know you better!

Junk Sophisticate said...

Thank you so much! That is so thoughtful and what a nice thing to say. I enjoy your blog so much and love your sense of humor.

And since I now know you're an animal lover...make sure you check out Dogtown on National Geographic. That show just touches my heart.


Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Hi there! :)
I love all of the wonderful things you snagged! I especially love the cheese dome! Love what you did with it, too! :)

Have a good night, and a fabulous weekend! :)

Gwen said...

Awww... thanks! I'll have to work on my answers and givings.

I love those little shower plates or dessert plates or whatever you call them. I see them EVERYWHERE in the antique stores and thrift shops here, but I just always pass them by. Now you all are making me rethink them. Like I need any more glassware to add to my house. But seriously, I saw a ton of these in the DAV thrift shop just yesterday. I wonder if churches had them once for showers and then cleaned out their kitchens and donated these.

AJ said...

Love your finds! Don't ya just love walking out of the store on your own little bargain high:) Thanks so much for the award. You are just too sweet!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

OK, I love that you are only five feet tall. I am 5"2' and it is nice to meet another shorty! Secondly, I love the tray in the bathroom and it looks like you cleaned up recently on all the other goodies! Awesome! Thirdly, thank you for my award!!! I love it and am so appreciative of it...that you think I have anything of value to tell anyone! I love visiting your blog too! I gave you a little shout out at the top of my post today. I am trying to be better about thanking people ON TIME for my award! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the dishes - they are so elegant and pretty! I have one similar to the 1st one you showed, w/ the circles and I just love it too! Everything looks great!

Brett said...

I must say, the title of your blog really caught my eye. I feel like that should be mine too haha!! GREAT blog!

Joy said...

Congrats on the award!
It looks like you scored some great finds at the thrift store! And I love your butterfly frames. They look fantastic!

Monogramchick said...

Oh my goodness! My mom, sister and I collected those adorble little "snack sets" (as we called them) when my sister and I were kids. We used them every year for our mother daughter cookie exchange. What fun memories!
Congrats on the award, you deserve it!

Lisa said...

Hey there, new reader who is just popping in to say hello. I was just reading this post (the 6 things about you) and we couldn't be any more closer to twins seperated at birth...well except for the veggie thing and well I'm 5'10" but atleast I'm on the other spectrum so I have the opposite situation! I have two adopted pups want to volunteer (when my lil' ones get a wee older and my wrist recovers from surgery) and it is my secret ambition to be a CSI all those shows and am addicted to Law & Order (SUV is my fav but can take them all on)!!! Too funny.

I'll enjoy reading along.