Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A study in domestication

This weekend, my neighbor (and good friend) asked me to help her make slipcovers for a pair of chairs she has in her living room. Sure, why not, I can sew. This shouldn't be too difficult. Buy a pattern, pin, cut, sew.


Not so much.

She decides against using a pattern. Being an engineer, a mathematical type, she begins cutting fabric and pinning it right on the chair. Wow! I am not a mathematical type. I can't even balance the checkbook. I freeze in terror over the thought of having to count change back. Yikes! She's one side of the brain, I'm the other.

Sunday afternoon, she brings over a heap of pinned fabric. Scary stuff. I set up my sewing machine and get started.

After a couple of hours (!) we bring the covers back to her house and get ready for the important try-on. Wow! It's a miracle, the slipcovers fit! Like. A. Glove!

You may notice they still need to be hemmed. In time my friends, in time.

I guess getting our brains together means we can conquer the world! Or at least a pair of slipcovers.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

You did a great job!! I could never do that! The cutting or the sewing! :)