Friday, January 18, 2013

It's the little things: "pillow jewelry"

So you know how sometimes things around your house just begin to look - blah? That's how I felt about throw pillows I have in the master. They are down pillow forms with brown velvet cases from Ikea. They were pretty inexpensive, and because the cases are removable, they are extremely versatile. I originally bought them to go on the sofa. But the dogs took them over and I was constantly brushing dog hair off of them.

About 2 weeks or so after Christmas, I was at Target shopping their seasonal sale items (and by the way, 50% off is not really mind-blowing to me...75% off and I'll likely buy crap just because it's a good deal). I found these two monogram pins in the Christmas clearance section. I don't know why they were Christmas items, but that's ok. I got them for about a buck each. I love monograms, and for that price, I'd find a home for them.

After letting them sit on the kitchen table for a couple of weeks, the thought occurred to me to put these on those brown velvet pillows. Why not?

I think it's just what they needed. Simple, cheap, and cute.


KJ said...

I just found your blog today - LOVE it! And my last name starts with "L" so the pillow jewelry is awesome.

KJ said...

I just found your blog by accident - LOVE it. And my last name starts with "L" so I think the pillow jewelry is awesome.

the undomesticated wife said...

Thank you KJ! I love simple, inexpensive projects. :)